Most of the markings and notes done at the work site are still done traditionally with a pen and paper because it’s quick and easy. However, there are several potential issues with handwritten notes. Papers can wrinkle, tear or get lost. Notes are made on several different pieces of paper and they can be unclear. You’ll often find a bunch of papers from the work site, filled with different markings and notes of different phases of the work, and someone’s ungrateful job will be to remake the drawings in a clean and understandable way.

With the Lieke App you can make notes just like you would with a pen and paper, but more easily! The app combines the ease of paper and the benefits of digitalization. You can draw and write on documents, add technical markings, add scale bars and attach photos. You can find technical drawing symbols directly from the app, and they are added to photos in the right scale. All change markings, as-built drawings, measurement markings and notes are saved automatically on the cloud server and they are easily available for everyone to use and edit from the beginning of a project to the end – no need for extra papers!



Taking photos is the easiest way to document the different phases and circumstances of the work. All of us have a camera phone and we send photos all the time. A photo captures the information as it is in the moment. That’s why sharing and saving photos at work sites is increasingly popular. It’s easy to see from a photo what has been done and what the circumstances have been.

All sorts of methods are used for saving and sharing the photos. People send multimedia messages or emails, or use different kinds of apps, and when you need the photos, you have to look for them in all these places.

With the Lieke App you can take a photo and save it directly into the folder you want, or you can embed photos in documents. The photos are saved immediately and are available for everyone to use. You can also add markings and text to the photos.

By saving the photos in the Lieke App you can easily confirm that the work was done the way it was supposed to and you can cover your bases by taking photos of the work site before and after the work. That way you don’t have to argue later on about who did what.



Most of the issues in construction projects and technical projects in a house are caused by problems in the flow of information. During a project you usually need several documents and new versions of photos, descriptions and instructions. Keeping up with, managing, updating and distributing papers and different versions is a challenge. When the plans and information change, you need to deliver the new information to the team members. Often this happens by printing paper copies, and that’s why by the end of a project you’ll have gathered a big pile of papers. When the information doesn’t flow, the consequences can be immense and the wrong information at a work site can even lead to errors worth thousands of euros. Just ordering new prints can get expensive; for example in plumbing renovations the printing expenses are often around 1,500–2,000 €.

The Lieke App actually got started in a situation where out-of-date paper images of the work almost caused an error worth thousands of euros.

By saving the latest versions of documents to the app all information is automatically updated to all members of the project. Version management makes sure that the latest versions are available and the markings made get transferred from one version to the next. That means there won’t be multiple copies of the same document.

The documents, photos and markings are kept safe in the Lieke App from the designing phase of the project until the warranty inspection is over – or even later. When you save the information in the Lieke App it’s available also for maintenance of the property and for work to be done later on.




Free drawing, text fields and dictation, scale bars, technical markings and photo embedding.


Saving photos directly from the camera or device memory into project folders or embedding them into documents.



Saving and distributing project documents in the document bank, using a folder structure of your choice.


Automatically updated document versions. Markings transfer from one version to the next and the latest versions are always available.



The app can also be used offline. Losing internet access won’t stop you from working or make you lose any information.


On the web app you can manage projects, access rights and documents. On the mobile app you can view and edit documents and add photos.


Creating and removing logins and restricting access rights on a project or folder basis from reading access to editing access.

Android ja Ios

The mobile app works on practically all modern phones and tablets.


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